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about Paris:


Date of Birth:February 14

Model from:Cherry Valley

Place you would love to visit:Cambodia and New Zealand

Favorite things:Cooking TIRAMISU!!!!!!!!!!!!

1557 wrote: The crop is awkward- that leg being cut off ruins it for me.
r411 wrote: He was delightful, friendly and easy to work with as before and I really hope to see him again soon.
flynn wrote: Added by ICONOGRAPHY on Tuesday, January 03, 2012, shoot arranged for December 2011
hbi9 wrote: If I remember correctly, she's the girl on Marilyn's board that has the 30″ hips…but now I can't find her on MGM New York website.
morris wrote: I like the photo , very much what any mother would love...I have a question for my own benefit though....When I take a close up facial shot like this I tend to want to completely remove the lines under the eyes and the smile lines on the sides of the face formed by the model smiling...Should I stop doing that ?...because this model looks great with the lines being there... the photo and the model are both lovely...
hunk46 wrote: Another awesome shoot with Tarik. As always he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Excellent direction and great sence of humour which always makes the shoots fun. He's also very creative with a keen eye for detail and inspiring ideas. Can't wait for the next shoot :)
saxon wrote: MODEL OF THE YEAR
jvmorgan wrote: Would love to hear what you think of my portfolio...
phantom wrote: Thanks Danni, I will look forward to our next shoot. x

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