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about Valerie:


Date of Birth:April 11

Model from:San Carlos

Place you would love to visit:China

Favorite things:To be in love and inspired no matter what…

maribeth1 wrote: Her expression looks distant, her hand looks like its floating (we see no leading lines of wrist), we don't even see what she's covering (no visible bustline either). Is she trying to cover herself, thinking about uncovering, being sensual, advocating monthly self exams?
bumblebe wrote: Overall i think your work is good, just not impactful. you need to just experiment more and go for the 'wow' shots. You'll know em when you get em and if you don't feel like you're getting them, you need to change things till you do.
carol17 wrote: If you are ever in the A2 area, float by the warehouse. We just got the place last month and it's still pretty rough (like 1890 train warehouse rough) but it's pretty sweet! We are going to be holding workshops and what not on occasion if you are interested. It is also going to be an exhibition space, so if you'd like to be part of a show or what not... Well you get the idea
cathy12 wrote: I'm having trouble figuring out which one you think is extreme. Your tats are extreme and your other mods are substantial, but on balance your portfolio is mild.
carragee wrote: 22.12.09 - michelle worked really hard during the shoot - it very cold outside but she delivered some great shots - she has a beautiful smile and great figure - would recommend.
grammy wrote: the hair's the only thing that bothers me
pet wrote: Kate has a great personality and that really makes a shoot successful. For all you photographers out Kate as she does not disappoint.
jason4 wrote: 3rd one - not a fan. The lighting is not quite right here (a little too bright on the face) and the position of the model does nothing for me. She looks stiff and it took me a second to realize that she was actually jumping. If her legs were bent or maybe if she was leaping, it might have turned out better (?).
aliza wrote: How old is she? There is one picture which I think is too erotic for her age!!!!

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