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about Claire:


Date of Birth:July 7

Model from:Plymouth Meeting

Place you would love to visit:I'd love to visit Puerto Rico because that's where my heritage came from and I'd also love to visit Bali to learn more about the culture.

Favorite things:To be in love and inspired no matter what…

nancy20 wrote: I am missing the fashion part. All that is sort of in focus is the shoes and they are not showcased.
hussain wrote: your execution with this is getting better.
ahmadMitchell wrote: Techniques are like letters in the alphabet. Once you learn them all, the trick becomes making words with them, then arranging those words into a meaningful sentence.
charmaine wrote: Just like Darran and Jay I just spent yesterday on location with Rob/Katy. There's little I can add except to fully endorse the last two comments below. Working with Rob is always fun and informative. Just remember to bring your own HP sauce.
roman wrote: Model looks disinterested and her pose looks very unnatural. You have already have her in another photo as well.
bvq wrote: with long hair she looks like other girls, but with short hair she looks absolutely gorgeous
roderick wrote: Laura's a stunning looking girl. Gorgeous face, gorgeous body. Booked her with Katie K and the two girls look and work very well together. A great shoot. Thanks Laura
karim wrote: Thanks
nbpz wrote: I think his eyes are very interesting.

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