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about Lydia:


Date of Birth:July 24

Model from:East Quogue, NY East Ridge

Place you would love to visit:Egypt… don't ask me why.

Favorite things:Music, books, shoes, drawings and paintings, photographs, bed..

sidneyb wrote: Artistic. But it's something a Photographer would have in their port. it doesn't show you off. That's what you port is for. You, being versatile. Not great photography.
handy wrote: Don't trendy shots that just look cool.
waverly wrote: Images 1-6 have a lot of artifacts...the light is somewhat controlled, but rather flat like the others have mentioned. A reflector can be considered a light in and of itself depending on how it's used, but you would've been served better with an actual fill light to give more dimension/texture to the garments. With fashion, as you probably know, the garments are the significant element because this is what you are selling. With this in consideration, DOF should've been accounted for and the backgrounds should not have played as much of a 'focused' role as they did. Overall, for shooting them and developing the looks on your own, they are decent.
sandra16 wrote: I am 60 years of age, young at heart / fit and well, No signs of slowing down yet. Professionally up to date with everything Photography.
turner wrote: Richard.
sarah18 wrote: Thanks!!
beck wrote: Then too, your expression is sorta 'I'm about to say something... but I don't know what.'
h8vz wrote: eg
cactus wrote: communication skills where bob on and i couldnt have been more pleased with Dave

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