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about Molly:


Date of Birth:August 17

Model from:Oswego

Place you would love to visit:India

Favorite things:Life and every challenge that comes with it

cayman wrote: pretty and elegant, beautiful curves, tones and lighting!
jerome wrote: 3.)I drove Ariel ( and my rigger MARK VARLEY ) to the “location of the day” Out in the field Ariel came alive ! Within minutes I realised this girl could really pose and put both expression and emotion into her face and eyes. Unless there was something quite specific I wished to create I just let her go and did she GO!. Not in a hurried way of course, I mean working in a methodical and intelligent way, mindful of her posture, poise and positioning ..... very body confident. Once instructed as to what was required, all I had to give at times was minimal direction by way of fine tuning.
tori wrote: Hope that may help you slightly.
destiny wrote: Why? - "to showcase this great bikini"- with shallow depth of field and fixing the the color palette so that the suit pops off the screen
blacken wrote: Thanks!
timero wrote: Miss Jess MM#799334*
karl wrote: Mirage Hair and Makeup, Tamworth
carter06 wrote: I liked it!
gilda wrote: Dump the bad snapshots. Find a good photographer who can show you at your best.

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