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about Nikki:


Date of Birth:April 14

Model from:Saint Helena

Place you would love to visit:I'd always love to visit New York and now after having been there, I'd still love to visit it again ;-)

Favorite things:My cat, my log cabin in my garden - I live in there. My girlfriend

barne wrote: It was a pleasure to meet and work with Layla and I think it's only fair to say the she is a lot friendlier in person than her internet presence might lead anyone to believe. ;)
benny wrote: He made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot and was fun to work with.
patsy20 wrote: she kinda looks like Rinko Kikuchi!:D
horse-2001 wrote: Fashion Junki model
joe35 wrote: This one would be one of my favorites too, but the fact it's *slightly* off kilter makes my OCD brain crazy
kellyb wrote: I had a shoot with Andy this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
ward4 wrote: I found the shoot creative and easy to get some impressive images.
wayne wrote: thank you for the truthful evaluations. i really needed those answers to lead my way. soooooo appreciative of your inputs! now i know where to begin.
hotness wrote: I suggest reading up on Method Acting and applying some of those principles to your modeling. Establish rapport with your photographer - if the comfort level is not there, your audience (image viewers) will feel this. Find out what the concept is, what mood the scene wants to create. When your body language and facial expressions begin to work together with the scene, you will see a huge difference....

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