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about Diana:


Date of Birth:July 15

Model from:Novi Sad, Serbia

Place you would love to visit:Thailand

Favorite things:My iPad, skydiving, travelling and friends

mary12 wrote: Thank you, Ken! I'll try rearranging. If you want to message me privately to describe which images you're talking about, I'm totally open to adding more!
****l****l wrote: 1- Elinchrom 8-1/4 Barndoor Set - list 159.95
cangahua wrote: I'm actually interested in edgier shoots. I don't mean edgy like fetish, bondage, or nudes, I mean edgy like more alternative style modeling. However, the photographers I've worked with so far haven't really understood that concept. I guess the question is what I'd like to do from here. I really want to do more high fashion type of shoots and print work.
rankin wrote: what photos should I keep and which should I do more of?
sbaj wrote: (And always remember, Modeling is a temporary career-- like being an athlete, it's a young person's game. When you're 30, you'll have a tough time competing against 20 year olds.-- So you should always be planning on a second "real Career" anyway.
jaiden wrote: the styling for the rock&republic-style shot works for me, the weak point would be the thin black necklace on the guy.
tbruhl wrote: Go insane, a first step of the big club of those breaking their own barriers.
melvinMitchell wrote: The portraits are good, but again you/the subject brings more to the table than the photography. If your subjects were not "cool" then the shots would not have much to say and that is where you need to step up your game. As a model you obviously have a super strong look, carry that over into the images you take.
aburek wrote: had a shoot last with nik_guy and as always very professional easy to work with and made me feel so comfortable as always:) would highly recommend him and will be doing another shoot with him in july cant wait :D

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